Hire Professional Piano Movers When You are Moving Out

Moving is a tremendously stressful time for anybody and it is something that one cannot easily do alone with all the furniture and the fragile home appliances or equipment. When there is a piano involved, you can add that to the stress. Moving big things like a piano calls for special knowledge or skills. If you do this on your own, not only you risk damaging it, but you risk injury to yourself as well. Therefore, if you have a piano at home, it is imperative to choose a moving company that knows how to handle instruments like that.

Not all moving companies can handle piano professionally. This is why there are so called professional piano movers. There are reasons why your piano calls for different kind of handling.

First and foremost, pianos are extremely heavy. Second, on the average, an upright piano is about 400 to 900 pounds in weight. Meanwhile, a grand piano on the average weighs between 600 to 1300 pounds. Not all movers know how to handle a very heavy but fragile instrument. Third, pianos cost a lot of money and therefore, you need great care to transfer it. With so much weight and value, professional piano movers also have to deal with moving the piano through tight spaces or small door frames. This means that there may be instances that the piano would have to be dismantled and put back together. This requires expertise and years of experience.
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There are many instances where even professional home movers end up calling professional piano moving companies. Furthermore, many customers have reported feeling regretful for trusting the wrong company to move the piano. Therefore, you need to find a piano moving company.
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There are hundreds of piano movers in Sacramento. Unfortunately, not all of them are the best. To find the best or the most reputable one, you need to research on their years and level of expertise and get feedback from their previous clients..

It would be great to know if the company is covered by insurance. For your peace of mind, find a company with Workman’s Safety Insurance coverage, or else, you might be held accountable or liable for any injury to the workers.

Once you already have identified the best piano moving company, there are still other things to think about. The prices is also a big consideration and it will depend on the piano type. This is ano important thing the company should be able to explain. So if you are in Sacramento and you are looking for piano movers or piano storage, you should check this out. Safeguard your piano for the years to come, trust only the experts.


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